Breast reduction, in Mexico City, can ease the pain caused by trying to support large breasts.

Breast reduction, in Mexico City, can ease the pain caused by trying to support large breasts. The procedure can also reshape the breasts for a more youthful appearance. Large breasts are not just a fact of life for some women; they can negatively affect body image, self-esteem, health and overall quality of life.

Having breasts that are just too large for your frame affects so many parts of your life, and when you’re ready to make a change for the better, you have an exciting new option: Mexico City breast reduction from the Dr. Jose Telich Vidal at Plastic Surgery Telich.

You know what it’s like to live with uncomfortably large breasts – the shoulder and neck pain, the difficulty exercising, the unwelcome stares.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Any woman who is considering surgical correction to reduce the size of her breasts can benefit from a breast reduction in Mexico City. This procedure combines the latest surgical techniques for long-lasting breast re-sizing and reshaping.

The key reasons for breast reduction are to:

  • Make the overall size of the breast smaller.
  • Improve the shape to a more youthful lifted position.
  • Resolve headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and chest discomfort.

Breast reduction is not just for postpartum women. Many women have recognized the health and quality-of-life benefits of having a breast reduction surgery. Even pediatricians refer teenagers for reductions to alleviate the stress excessively large breasts place on the back, neck, shoulders and chests of young women.

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