At Plastic Surgery Telich in Mexico City, we have been in the forefront of surgical procedures after weight loss.

Major weight loss is a significant accomplishment, whether by dieting alone or after bariatric surgery. Fitting into new, smaller clothing enhances the excitement you feel when you step on a scale.

We work with each patient in considering their wants, needs and goals to arrange for a surgical plan tailored to meet their requirements. Whether your weight loss is from strict dieting and exercising, gastric bypass, lap band or other surgical procedure, you have come a long way in improving your health and lifestyle.

Many of our Mexico City plastic surgery patients feel uncomfortable with areas of excess skin after weight loss, and seek help at our practice.

Cosmetic Surgery After Weight Loss

As you become more fit, continue to lose weight and have more energy, you begin to feel better. Above all, your self-esteem and mental attitude improve.

Stick to the rules of maintaining your healthy lifestyle with sufficient exercise and then consider your options for body contouring and improvements on the curves and bulges that are beyond your control.

Weight loss surgical procedures can tighten everything from your neck line to your ankles, restore a flattened buttocks, tighten your thighs and give you that body you deserve.

Weight loss surgical procedures fall into three generalized categories:

  • Liposuction procedures will eliminate disproportionate fat stored in select areas of your body, effectively removing them. Liposuction, however, doesn’t necessarily address the loose skin.
  • Excisional techniques address excess fatty tissue as well as the excess skin and sagging resulting from greater amounts of weight loss.
  • Fat grafting techniques (and you may wonder why you might want a fat graft when you’ve just lost all that weight) can help restore contour and fullness to areas such as your buttocks that have lost the fullness you desire.

The combination of these three surgical techniques – liposuction, excisional, and fat grafting – are the backbone of our weight-loss procedures.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic surgery after major weight loss requires special care from highly experienced surgeons. Dr. Jose Telich Vidal, M.D. is nationally recognized body contouring specialist with knowledge of the special needs of post weight loss patients.